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Samuel V. Jackson t-shirts are up on districtvegan.spreadshirt.com !
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Featured Baker: Danielle of Vegan Treats (Bethlehem, PA)


photo credit: Vegan Treats

1. Favorite city?

New York City for a wide variety of reasons, most importantly because it’s home to some of my favorite friends and activists! Like Leanne, pioneer behind Vaute Couture, Joshua Katcher Discerning Brute and Brave Gentlman co-founder.  Also, when going to NYC, Vegan Treats is never far away! With over 50 restaurants carrying our products spreading across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island with like to think we’re keeping the city a little “sweeter”

2. Favorite restaurant?

My top 3 vegan restaurants are:

1. Vedge

2. Vedge

3. Vedge

Need I say more? Take a trip to Philadelphia to eat here. (make a reservation a month in advance)

3. What’s playing in your iPod right now?

The Weakerthans, Neva Dinova, Bright Eyes, Alkaline Trio

4. Favorite artist?

Mark Ryden- I wish any number of animals he painted could come to life and live in my house.

5. Why vegan?

For me, it is whole-heartedly about an enormous love and respect for animals and protecting their existence on this planet they share WITH us. Compassion starts with your fork. Every time you sit down for a meal you are faced with an option to avoid the suffering of another living being for the satisfaction of your palate. I have traveled to the ends of the earth to see such marvels as mountain gorillas, the elusive rhino, and chimpanzees. I took four flights and 2 weeks trekking through Borneo to see the magnificent orangutan. It sickens me on a daily basis that these animals are threatened by humans by logging, hunting, food consumption or otherwise- and until the day I die I will fight for their survival. Every day I wake up to a business that stands for the integrity of all living things and with every light bulb moment that comes with a eating a bite of a delicious vegan dessert- we are one step closer to a more ethical way of eating and thinking.


photo credit: Vegan Treats


photo credit: Vegan Treats


photo credit: Vegan Treats

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Vaute Couture (New York, NY)

Sneak peak to the SS14 below which features both the white Kristina dress (made of quilted organic cotton) and the Heart dress (Heart pockets are up-cycled from VAUTE coats.image
1. Favorite city?
2. Favorite restaurant?
3. What’s playing in your iPod right now?
Spotify- John Legend Ordinary People
4. Favorite artist?
I have too many… how about—Inspirations- Seth Godin, Mark Constantine (Lush), Paul Smith, Audrey Hepburn
5. Why vegan?
Vegan means choosing for yourself how you interact with the world and not let industries, tradition, and corporations choose for you.
- Leanne from Vaute Couture

Photo credit: Balarama Heller

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Featured T-Shirt: V-Gun Mafia


V-Gun Mafia t-shirts available now at districtvegan.spreadshirt.com

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Jan 27th: #MeatlessMonday recipe: Smokey Tempeh and Pasta

Smokey Tempeh and Pasta thanks to Sue from Counter Culture

2 Tablespoons Water

10 cloves Garlic, roughly chopped (not fine)

1 Tablespoon Smoked Paprika (optional if you like smokey flavor)

3 Tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar

2 Tablespoons Red Wine (optional)

28 oz can Fire Roasted Organic Tomatoes (or fresh smoked for 5 minutes)

1/3 cup Cashews, soaked in water for 4 hours)

1/8 cup Water

2 Teaspoons Black Pepper

½ cup Fresh Basil, chiffonade

6 cups Soft Greens (spinach, baby collard, baby kale)

14 oz. can Artichoke Hearts in water, drained

1 cup Tempeh cubed and dry roasted in a pan.

16 oz bag whole grain pasta, cooked

In a saucepot sauté the Garlic in 2 T. water for 1 minute until it is just turning brown. Add the Paprika, Balsamic Vinegar and Red wine and stir for 30 seconds.  Next add the Tomatoes and turn to low, simmering for 8 minutes.   While this is simmering, drain the cashews and add them to a blender with the 1/8 cup of water and Black Pepper.  Blend on high until you get a smooth creamy texture.

When the eight minutes is up add the Cashew Cream to the Tomato Sauce along with the Fresh Basil, Greens, Tempeh and Artichokes. Stir until the Greens have just begun to wilt.  Toss with your pasta.


Omit cashews and use soft tofu blended with black pepper

Feeds 5-6 hungry people

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Jan 26th: Sunday Featured Chef: Sue Chef/Owner of Counter Culture (Austin, TX)

1. Favorite city?
That’s a hard one.  I spent my 20’s in San Francisco so I left part of my heart there.  I love Los Angeles too but I’ll say Berlin.  I only spent 48 hours there, but it was magical and I’ve been wanting to go back ever since.
2. Favorite restaurant?
I haven’t been able to travel much the past 4 1/2 years so I’m out of touch with what’s out there in other cities.  I loved Madeleine Bistro in Los Angeles but they have closed.  In Austin I enjoy Casa de Luz, a community macrobiotic dinning center.
3. What’s playing in your iPod right now?
In the kitchen today it’s Booker T and the MG’s, ? and the Mysterians, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Walter Wanderley, Warm Soda, King Tuff and Roxy Music.  I used to DJ and my Ipod favors the 1960’s and early punk/power pop.
4. Favorite artist?
I also used to be a black and white fine art printer.  I went to school for photography in the late 80’s in Boston.  It’s hard to give just one name but I love Diane Arbus, Francesca Woodman, Julias Schulman, Paul Klee, Charles and Ray Eames, Max Ernst and my designer Dave Brevenec (http://bravelandwork.com/)
5. Why vegan?
That’s an easy one. Ethical reason come first, then there is the environment and health.  I couldn’t live with myself if I contributed to the harm of any living being just to satisfy my palate, so I just try my best not to with every chance that I can.  Rituals and traditions change and evolve with time and I’m happy to be on the forefront of this social movement. The harder question is “Why not?”.

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Jan 20th: Meatless Monday Recipe: Vegan Truffles by Spork Foods


This is the best dessert to make in advance if you are in the mood for some serious chocolate! The cooling touch of mint balances out the richness of the dark chocolate, making these pretty darn delish. If you have any kids in the house, have them pitch in when rolling these precious treats, because your hands get chocolatey and it’s a good time for all. Instead of rolling these in cocoa powder, you can try using toasted finely shredded coconut, chopped almonds or organic powdered sugar!

Advance preparation required. Yields 13-15 truffles


11⁄2 cups vegan dark chocolate chips

1⁄2 cup regular coconut milk

1 teaspoon peppermint extract

6 leaves fresh mint, finely chopped

Dash sea salt

2 tablespoons organic cocoa powder, plus 1⁄4 cup for rolling


Fill a small (2-quart) pot with about 2 inches of water, and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Place a glass or metal bowl on top of pot to create a double boiler.

Add chocolate chips and melt, about 3-4 minutes. Add coconut milk, peppermint extract, mint, sea salt and 2 tablespoons cocoa powder, and incorporate until uniform.

Transfer mixture to a bowl and refrigerate 2 hours to overnight. Remove from refrigerator and leave bowl on counter for 5-10 minutes to soften mixture before rolling truffles.

To roll truffles: Place remaining cocoa powder in a shallow bowl or plate. Use a melon baller or spoon to scoop a gumball-size dollop of the chocolate mixture. Roll into balls between palms and immediately coat in cocoa powder, or other toppings of choice.

Note 1: Try using mint varieties like chocolate mint, peppermint or spearmint for a different flavor in these truffles, and choose organic when possible, because conventionally grown mint is sprayed with a bunch of pesticides!

Note 2: Double check your chocolate chip ingredients if you are gluten-free, to be sure barley is not in the list.

The Sporkie Scoop

For Your Smarts: With these truffles, you are getting a double dose of antioxidants. We’re using cocoa powder inside and outside the truffles. Cocoa powder is about 8% antioxidants by weight — so that’s more than a glass of wine or cup of tea!

For Your Parts: Mint doesn’t just taste refreshing, it’s actually working to soothe your stomach and digestion. It’s considered a powerful digestive aid and anti-spasmotic because of its antioxidant-rich oils.

Now that you’re all set up for the perfect night in, schedule a night out and book a cooking class with the girls at Spork Foods! Their fun and beautiful space will be a hit with your BFFs, looking and feeling fabulous bfforever.


About Spork Foods:

Spork Foods is a Los Angeles-based gourmet vegan food company owned and operated by sisters Jenny Engel and Heather Goldberg. They offer live cooking classes in Los Angeles at Spork Foods, online vegan cooking classes at sporkonline.com, one-on-one in-home healthy pantry makeovers and recipe development/trainings for chefs, food companies and colleges. Their cookbook, Spork-Fed, is currently in stores, with a foreword by fellow fans and sisters, Emily and Zooey Deschanel.

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Jan 19th: Sunday Featured Chef(s): Heather and Jenny from Spork Foods (Los Angeles, CA)

Tomorrow they’ll be sharing a recipe with us! STAY TUNED.
1. Favorite city? Los Angeles
2. Favorite restaurant? Shojin
3. What’s playing in your iPod right now? The Andrews Sisters
4. Favorited artist? (Any music, fine arts, designer, etc) James Cromwell

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Mon Jan 13th: Meatless Monday Recipe: Pasta Bolgnese by Jennifer from My Kitchn

Sauce ingredients :

1 large onion or 2 small, chopped
1 large carrot, shredded
1 small fennel, chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped
Handful of fresh parsley, chopped
Handful of fresh basil, chopped
Handful of mushrooms, chopped (or more if you’re an addict like me)
Salt to taste
Fresh ground black pepper to taste
Dash of cayenne
2 teaspoons dry thyme
1 bottle organic tomato paste/sauce

Extra-virgin olive oil, for the pan
Water as needed (to reach consistency, according to taste)
Coat a large pan with olive oil. Add the chopped garlic, parsley and basil. Bring the pan to a medium-high heat and stir for a bit, add some salt and pepper. Then stir in all the chopped veggies, except the mushrooms. Cook for about 10 minutes.

Add the tomato sauce and thyme. Season according to taste (salt, pepper, cayenne). Cook another 5 minutes or so, add the mushrooms and cooked lentils, take the pan off the heat, cover and let it sit for a while for the flavors to mix.

Serve over wholegrain pasta. 

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Jan 12th: Sunday Featured Chef: Jennifer from My Kitchn (Paris, France)

Tomorrow she’ll be sharing a recipe with us for Meatless Monday. STAY TUNED.

1. Favorite city?


2. Favorite restaurant?

Besides My Kitch’n? ;) I eat lunch and dinner here at work so my belly is usually full, which is a very good thing since there aren’t that many vegan restaurants in Paris. Hotel Costes recently put a vegan curry on their menu so that’s great, I like that place. I also like La Gioia, the restaurant at the VIP Room. It’s an Italian restaurant. They are very accommodating when it comes to veganizing their dishes for me; I have a grand favorite and it’s the veggie pizza (hold the cheese, add some extra artichokes!).
3. What’s playing in your iPod right now?
A bootleg mash-up of MJ and Whitney, “My love will be there”. It’s the lyrics of “Will you be there” by MJ over Whitney’s “My love is your love” beat. It’s fantastic! A duo made in heaven… It incorporates three of my favorite artist: Michael, Whitney and Wyclef (who composed the beat).
4. Favorite artist?
Of all time, Michael Jackson. Still active, Wyclef Jean.
5. Why vegan?
For my health, for the ecosystem, to leave as small an environmental footprint as possible, for the animals, for my spiritual well-being, for future generations; the list of reasons is very long. The planet belongs to the future, anyone who is a parent (I am not) should consider the use of fresh water that goes into livestock farming. Water is our most precious natural resource, we need to stop wasting it.


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Jan 11th: #ShoutOutSaturday: Krze Studio (Florence, Italy)

1. Favorite city?
My hometown, Los Angeles
2. Favorite restaurant?
Dolce Vegan (here in Florence), Café Gratitude (in LA)
3. What’s playing in your iPod right now?
'Under the Red Sky' Bob Dylan
4. Favorite artist?
Tom Petty
5. Why vegan?
Krže Studio is vegan because we are all in this together.
- Leila from Krze Studio

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I just started a one month long pre-order campaign to build funding and orders for my collection. Here is the release for details:
I would love if you shared the campaign.

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